Mitch Martin

Editor & Colorist

Missed Connection [Short Film]
Starring: Savannah Bearden as "Danielle Vinton"
Joseph Carr as "Fremstad the Barista"
with Jason Perry, John Bandura, Kerry Peeples, and Laure McBride
- - - -
Directed by: Drew Smith
Story: Nathan Reisman
Written by: Drew Smith, Devon Haines, Chandler Heinz, Savannah Bearden
Director of Photography: Gabriel DeCarlo
Movi Operator/Aerial Cinematography/Gaffer: Ryan Goble
Audio/Sound Design: Nathan Reisman
Editor/DIT/Colorist: Mitch Martin
Unit Production Manager; Chandler Heinz
First Asst. Director: Devon Haines
Production Assistants: Lara Johnson, Ellen Phillips, Theodore Goble
Makeup Artist: Carey Steele
Special Thanks to: Running Pony, Loaded for Bear, Java Cabana, Hannah Reisman, Ben Rednour, Jacob Abart, Steve Shipowitz, and our families for letting us ignore them for 48 hours.

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