Hey! Thanks for stopping by and wanting to learn more about me. Here's what i do:
I'm a feature film and commercial editor based in los Angeles, California. Story, Emotion, pacing, and engagement are my things, coupled with a healthy obsession of all things to do with making movies. I can work from home, in studio, and have also traveled to work on films inside and outside of the US.
i stay active in the film world while also keeping my toes dipped into the commercial world. Currently I'm in post production on 3 separate features. When back over in "commercial-land," I work with brands such as: FedEx, vizio, google, Terminix, TruGreen, ServiceMaster, national civil rights museum, Memphis Grizzlies, and many more.
If we want to talk shop, I'm extremely fluent in AVID, Premiere, After Effects, Resolve, as well as your standard graphics/compression/review apps and software. No matter the size of your project, whether it be a :15 second commercial or a 2hr feature film with 1,000 Vfx shots, I've done it all and am happy to walk you through workflows for any production need.
If shiny things interest you, I was fortunate to have received 3 EMMY® Awards in the Mid-South region three consecutive years for some of my shortform commercial editing spots.
Head on over to my contacts page and toss me an email if you would like to collaborate or have any questions!

currently based in los angeles, ca
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