This page hosts a collection of assets that I have created to help assist me in my editorial process. Please feel free to download and use them as you see fit.
Tutorials and videos to come soon.
If you have any questions, please reach out to me at:
Downloadable spreadsheet templates include:
• VFX Tracking
• Music Cue Tracking
• 2D Elements & GFX Tracking
• ADR Tracking

*** I tend to modify these for every project I am on but they should be a good starting point for you.
Leader & Tail Pop Download includes:

• 24.00fps 3840x2160 Leader
• 24.00fps 3840x2160 Tail Pop

• 23.976fps 3840x2160 Leader
• 23.976fps 3840x2160 Tail Pop

**All downloads are ProRes422 HQ